Root Samsung Galaxy Mini On Android Froyo 2.2.1

Root Samsung Galaxy Mini Galaxy Mini S5570  On Android Froyo 2.2.1

1. Install Lastest Kies for Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 from samsung website into your pc
2.Download and install SuperOneClick 1.7 by ShortFuse
3. Unmount your sd card under setting>sdcard and phone storage setting>Unmount SD card and then remove it from your phone

4. Set your SGA into USB Debugging mode by ticking it USB debugging mode under Setting>Application>Developement>tick USB debugging mode

5.Run Kies and connect your SGA to your pc using the cable (for safety reason don’t use bluetooth or other connectivity)

6.Once your Kies show that your SGA is connected to your pc, Extract SuperOneClick 1.70 into a folder using winrar.

7.Run SuperOneClick.exe as administrator.

8.Press Shell Root and the it will temporary root your phone and a small window will pop out
it shown
“Device has a temporary ADB root!
Reboot your device to remove it”

9 Click ok (don’t need restart) and continue to press Root.

10. After finished root, it will pop a another small window called Test? and it will shown
Root files have been installed! Would you like to run a test? Press Yes

11. another pop out window will pop out and show “a su. blah blah blah….” Just press ok

12. and finally window will pop out title Rooted will shown

“Your device has been rooted!”
“Would you like to donate now?”
Press yes if you want donate or else press no

13. Unplugged and Reboot your SGA device.

Congratulation, Your SGA Device has been Rooted!

How to Check your device rooted or not?
Ans : Notice there will be a SuperUser in your menu

9 thoughts on “Root Samsung Galaxy Mini On Android Froyo 2.2.1

  1. this is the easiest way of rooting .
    1. first download
    2.then put it in your sdcard (dont put in any folder)
    3.then reboot your phone pressing (middle button + power switch )
    4. touch is not working so use volume to select then middle button to the sdcard (
    5. reboot .thats all

    it really works . sorry for bad english !

  2. thank you very much, that I have been very useful, was looking for this solution and did not find, have a very good day!!! …

  3. everything went on well so far until i got to this part;
    “Unable to find a version of the run time to run this application”
    after trying to run the application super user, after extracting it

    please help urgently

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